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Smitten As A Kitten With A Bowl Of (Ice) Cream


We noted the recent and, dare we say, hasty withdrawal from Lafayette of the Cold Stone Creamery location in town. So hasty in fact the last guy out the door left the key in the lock. But it appears a sweet replacement is on the way.

Local ice cream fanciers need fear not, as it appears the Mad Scientist of ice cream making – Smitten – has its eye on the old Cold Stone location at 3545 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Smitten, you may or may not know, transforms fresh, locally sourced ingredients into ice cream before your very eyes and in about a minute with a little sweet alchemy. They use liquid nitrogen to transform milk, cream, sugar and classic favorites like strawberry, peaches and even rhubarb into a flavor-exploding cup of delight.

How it goes over in oh-so-hard-to-please Lafayette remains to be seen. Cold Stone lasted, what, seven years or so? Time will tell how smitten Lafayette residents become with Smitten.

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