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The News24-680 “Spin Doctor” Moment Of The Week


Fans of this site know we like to hack through camouflage in search of those all-too-rare kernels of truth. We call things as we see them and couldn’t help but take note when a stellar example of the fine art of contemporary spin doctoring crawled out of the ooze and onto the airwaves this week. Feel free to add your own examples of the art form in our comment stream. Links appreciated.

On the local scene we have to say it was hard to suppress a wry smile during presentation of the hotly contested Terraces of Lafayette project Monday evening when project architects undraped a scale model of the sprawling, 315-unit complex and announced they would be seeking a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver certification. We are neither architects nor environmentalists but we do know it isn’t easy to obtain LEED status and that the Terraces project, as presented Monday evening, appeared as unsuited for the designation as porcine lipstick.

The Lafayette Design Review Commission, which is composed of architects, left no doubt as to their impression of the project’s design and here’s hoping the developers take their comments to heart when pondering a re-design for Lafayette’s largest housing project.

But the moment that really left a bad taste in our mouths Tuesday was the downright oily pandering of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, (R-Minn.), who shortly after she and her colleagues in the House forced a government shutdown that furloughed thousands of government workers and shut down national parks and monuments (“It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it,” she told The New York Times), hustled down to where a battalion of World War II veterans were saying a few choice words about their elected representatives outside a locked World War II memorial.

In jogging attire and ostensibly “out for a walk” when she heard that news cameras were on hand to capture the despicable imagery of locked-out American veterans, many in wheelchairs, outside a memorial built for them, Bachmann hustled down to the scene and proceeded to grab every aging warrior she could find. Clamping herself to their arms like a mollusk she dispensed kisses and accolades while the men, unused to criticizing superior officers or even members of Congress, stood in embarrassed silence. It was a terrible moment for Bachmann, her party, and for the country, in our opinion – as a relatively small group of politicians have been allowed to dishonor the very people who fought and died to give them the positions they now enjoy.

Many of the men would not speak ill of the congresswoman and shared their views only when on their own, but they exhibited a lot of class in the face of shameless politicking by our elected leaders – as did an unnamed U.S. Park policeman who quietly allowed the veteran’s buses to park and the squads of old warriors to gather outside their shuttered memorial.

“I’m not going to enforce the no stopping or standing sign for a group of 90 World War II veterans,” the officer said when a reporter sidled over. “I’m a veteran myself.”

So, a News24-680 drink for you Unnamed Officer Man, and a Baghdad Bobbie for Bachmann this week. She earned it.

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