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Lindsay Wildlife Museum Presents “Living With Mountain Lions”

Walnut Creek, CA, Events, Lindsay Wildlife Museum to host "Living with Mountain Lions"

Wild is a way of life for mountain lions and with a number of these beautiful animal sighted in Contra Costa’s hills its a good idea to learn how to coexist.

Lindsay Wildlife Museum will feature big cat expert Zara McDonald as part of its “Living with Mountain Lions,” with an engaging and inspiring presentation about mountain lions and the work currently underway to study and protect them.

Lindsay Wildlife Museum is sponsoring this event as part of its mission to educate people on how to respect and share the environment with wildlife. Mountain lions have been sighted in Contra Costa’s hills. The presentation is scheduled for 7 p.m., Wed., Oct. 23, at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, 1931 First Ave., Walnut Creek. Admission is $10 per person for members and $15 per person for non-members.

A Bay Area native, McDonald is founder and Executive Director of Felidae Conservation Fund, whose local project, the Bay Area Puma Project, is the first large scale research, education and conservation program for mountain lions in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. These keystone predators (also called pumas and cougars) play a critical role in maintaining the health and biodiversity of Bay Area ecosystems. However, expansion of human populations causes increasing encounters and conflicts between humans and pumas, and growing tensions in local communities. McDonald discusses mountain lion ecology and history, the challenges of sharing the habitat with mountain lions, and offers essential tips for living and recreating without fear in puma habitat.

For information or to register, call (925) 627-02913 or visit www.wildlife-museum.org

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