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Comments Of The Week – Wit And Witticisms From Our Readers, And Beyond

Comments of the Week

It has been an interesting – sometimes painful – week here in The Numbers and across the nation. Our readers have chimed in on local issues and we’ve found a few quotable quotes from others we found pertinent if just a little outside the confines of our coverage.

Sean will be wrapping up the week in his amazingly popular Video Roundup tomorrow, Friday, but we wanted to highlight the pearls of wisdom, or not, which made it to our pages or those of the nation’s top news outlets this past week. Did your comment make it into our lineup? No worries, there’s plenty of time to be heard and recognized.

We were struck by a glimmer of the future in the words of a Japanese homebuilder who told a reporter how his countrymen are rejecting traditional utility production in favor of their own, home-generated, power:

“If you’re going to use electricity, you might as well make it yourself…”

– Kenichi Ishida, describing his country’s use of home hydrogen fuel cells and solar power after Fukushima

And people had lots to say about Wednesday’s shooting and standoff in San Ramon:

“We didn’t hear the shooting. We don’t know who lives there. But it is right down the street from us. We are shocked. This has never happened, and we have lived here for seven years.”

– Mohssen Yassini, describing life in the gated community where the incident took place

Ever helpful, the public also chimed in with suggestions on how to resolve the standoff:

“Pump in the Seahawk crowd noise. That will get the guy to give up. Worked against the Niners.”

– “Crazyraida,” SFGate commenter

On the discomforting “on to the Britney Spears story” mindset exhibited by cable news outlets after the Washington Navy Yard shootings:

“When four people were killed (in a mass shooting), it was always covered. Of course now, four people doesn’t get covered. It doesn’t rate.”

– Criminologist James Alan Fox on television news and its demand for higher body counts

On our somewhat lighter story about the second automotive breaching of the popular Bianca’s Deli in Moraga:

“At this point, you just need to roll with it and make some menu changes. Maybe, a ‘Look OUT!’ sub featuring a hidden jalapeno or you could go with the ‘Brick and Mortar’, a sundae featuring crunchy toffee and maybe a touch of sheetrock dust for authenticity…”

– News24-680 reader David McKinnis

Ridgeline development

And then there was this pearl, from a News24-680 reader supplying the caption for a photo of cows we ran alongside our ridgeland protection story:

“I don’t know Elsie, when they said a John Deer was coming I thought they meant the ones with antlers…”

– News24-680 reader Daniel Archuleta, and thanks for the grins, Daniel!

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