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Shots Fired In Walnut Creek – No One Hit, Police Say


Walnut Creek police say several shots were fired from a vehicle traveling in the 1700 block of Third Avenue in the City Saturday. No one appears to have been hit, though bullets did strike at least two homes in the area, according to police, and investigators are searching for the car.

Investigators said witnesses reported a middle-aged white male with blonde hair, a tan t-shirt and sunglasses driving a white sedan similar to a Toyota Camry through the area when shots were fired at roughly 4:33 p.m. It was not clear if the driver, or someone else in the vehicle, did the shooting.

Officers said the car was westbound on Third when the shots were fired, that it does not appear a specific person was targeted but that two homes were struck by bullets of undetermined caliber.

WCPD is encouraging anyone with information on this incident to call them at (925) 943-5844.

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