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Letter To The Editor: The “Red Line” In Syria


An Alamo resident writes with his thoughts on the current question of a military strike by the United States against the regime in Syria.


Obama’s commentary: “I do have to ask people, well, if, in fact, you’re outraged by the slaughter of innocent people, what are you doing about it?” Obama asked. “The moral thing to do is not to stand by and do nothing.”

Where is the logic in this statement when doing something about it simply means more violence and less wisdom?  Violence kills people no matter what method, purpose or source.  Our national export of violence into Asia for more than a decade has killed many.

Violence once again is being considered, now against Syria, as our nation’s most gross national product. We, the people must be responsible for the violence our elected officials impose on our world, and we have to know when to tell Washington DC to STOP! Let us holster our guns and employ our wisdom in pursuit of humanity.

Harald Paul Arthur Balle, Alamo, California

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