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Syria, Hillside Paint Party, Keening Pipes, And Power Antiquing – Out And About In “The Numbers”


If you like your Sunday mornings mild and filled with prospects you’re in luck today as California rolls out another of its patented “perfect-for-doing-everything” days. Swimming, biking, power antiquing… tossing a caber, it’s all available in The Numbers.

First and foremost on our minds this morning was another conundrum for our president – and, by extension of responsibility and identity, us – this time in Syria.

We don’t know about you but we’re hoping Uncle Sam doesn’t go galloping off on another military foray into the Middle East, a region which has neither benefited nor appears to welcome such interventions. We realize we’re talking the possible use of fancy standoff weaponry to minimize the potential for loss of American life but those things are still designed to explode and, well, hot metal and flame traveling at supersonic speed was not designed to help people.

We don’t know. Our Secretary of State is presenting evidence he says warrants a military response against undefined targets purportedly responsible for chemical attacks on a civilian populace and while that is certainly despicable and usually actionable we would wonder if, in the guerilla campaign currently underway in Syria, the powers that be there have not already taken steps to relocate the depots and dispersal units responsible for unleashing those chemical attacks – and enhancing our potential for error and collateral damage.

And, as our global colleagues in world adventure politely shake their heads and say “noooo, not this time, mate” it’s beginning to look like this country is once again climbing out on that limb we seem to like so much – all alone. Perhaps a concerted humanitarian drive to help the millions of refugees escaping the sniper battles and mass executions who have left the country and pressed themselves into teeming refugee camps in Iraq and Jordan would be a better approach? What do you folks think? It’s on our minds, at least.


Also on our minds today are potential activities under all this perfect weather. We have been known to join the Flashlight Brigades of dedicated antiquers who prowl the 800 booths at the Alameda Antiques Faire the first Sunday of every month and, yes, we should be out there today looking for old stuff we like, but other responsibilities popped up. Anyway, antiquing is fun and you can find cool things if you know how to make your way past the fakes and junk which are very often mistaken for the real deal. Anyone go today? Let us know how you did.

If picking through musty boxes of stuff isn’t your thing and the sound of bagpipes makes you reach for your skean dhu, the last day of the Scottish Gathering and Games is underway in Pleasanton today and from what we’re hearing there’s lots to see and do down there. And, yes, there have been some scattered reports of single malt Scotch on the premises. We’re still investigating.

On the sports front, the Miramonte Matadors football team lost Saturday’s away non-conference game against Marin Catholic by a score of 45-14, the Acalanes Dons took Friday’s home non-conference game against Hercules by a score of 35-28, the Cougars of Campolindo won their Friday home non-conference game against Heritage by a score of 40-26, the Las Lomas Knights chalked up a win against Bishop O’Dowd by a score of 15-7, and the Monte Vista Mustangs lost their Friday night game against Castro Valley by a score of 57-56.


Also, the time honored “Paint SMC” tradition took on sports-like proportions at Saint Mary’s College over the weekend as a fresh batch of fresh-faced freshmen made the trek up the hill, buckets of paint in hand, and actually managed to get some of it on the outsized SMC that overlooks the school while managing to get a lot more on themselves. Well, whattaya gonna do, there are no phone booths to stuff any more, are there?

Other than that, a lot of first-time parents are recovering from first-day-of-school experiences with their youngsters – some of whom took to the experience like the proverbial duck to water, while others put up a stiff resistance, shall we say. Our favorite image of the week was the poor kid who was so traumatized by his new school, teacher and classmates that he bolted from his classroom, retreated to the edge of the school property and resisted his poor teacher’s efforts to cajole him back to the class by pelting her with a steady barrage of acorns before he could be talked back inside.

It gets better, kid. Trust us.

Have any stories to share? Write me at jd@news24-680.com and fill me in. Have fun out and about in The Numbers!

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