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Police Capture Suspected Lamorinda Burglar – In Concord

Concord police arrest Lamorinda burglar.

A rabbit-fast suspected burglar wanted for car and residential burglary in Lamorinda has been arrested – after leading officers on yet another whirlwind police pursuit – this time in Concord.

Moraga Police Chief Bob Priebe said James Joshua Jarrard, 30, with no known permanent address, was arrested by Concord police and faces multiple criminal charges stemming from an Aug. 6 crime spree in Moraga and Lafayette. Jarrard was taken into custody after a Walnut Creek police officer recognized his picture from a surveillance video which caught him as he sprinted through a Moraga fitness center in a bid to outrun local police after a series of burglaries Aug. 6.

Police said Jarrard is the man who allegedly stole a Moraga resident’s Honda Civic from the front of their home early that morning. A Moraga officer spotted the car traveling north on Moraga Road towards Lafayette minutes after it was reported stolen and gave chase, losing Jarrard after the suspect crashed the Honda into a cinderblock retaining wall at Moraga Road and Rheem Blvd. and “bailed out” on foot.

Jarrard allegedly fled into the nearby shopping center, surprising workers and club members when he dashed through 24 Hour Fitness, running through the gym and out the back door before scaling a fence and fleeing into the Carroll Ranch neighborhood, Priebe said. Jarrard eluded officers, including two canines from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, initially by hiding in an occupied residence on Dolores Ct. He was quickly discovered by a resident, and then fled to hide in another occupied residence on Josefa Pl., where he remained for some time “unbeknownst to the female resident,” according to police.

Jarrard allegedly stole several items from the second residence, including a change of clothes. Officers continued to search the area, but Jarrard managed to elude them until early in the afternoon when he was seen entering the back yard of a Solana Dr. residence in Lafayette. Jarrard burglarized that home and was seen fleeing the area on a child’s bicycle, according to police. A Walnut Creek Detective recognized Jarrard from the video still taken during his run through 24 Hour Fitness while conferring with local police and advised Moraga and Lafayette investigators. Several eyewitnesses also allegedly identified Jarrard from a police photo lineup and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Jarrard was recently arrested on other outstanding felony charges by Concord police after another chase in that city, and the Moraga and Lafayette charges were added. Jarrard’s bail for the Moraga-Lafayette charges has been set at $198,000.00 and he is currently still in custody and awaiting trial for Vehicle Theft, two charges of First Degree Residential Burglary, one charge of Possessing Stolen Property, and misdemeanor resisting arrest .

An unidentified accomplice of Jarrard’s is still outstanding and police are asking the public for any information. Please contact Moraga Police Detective Will Davis at 925-888-7057 with any information about these crimes.

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