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Saint Mary’s Kids Are Smart; Con Men Not So Much


Moraga police said a Saint Mary’s College student did exactly the right thing when contacted by an overseas con man recently – nothing. And from the look of it, he saved himself $1,700 that otherwise would have been sent to an untraceable address in the Philippines.

Officers were sent to the college to talk with the student on Aug. 22, shortly after the student had accepted the offer of work posted to the college job board, completed some of the assigned tasks, and then grown really suspicious when his “employer” sent him an inflated paycheck for $1,900 along with a request to return a $1,700 balance via wire transfer.

Had the student wired the requested $1,700 it would have gone to an undisclosed location in the Philippines and could not be traced. The check, of course, wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. Moraga police said he earned high marks when he contacted school security and declined to send the money. We don’t know what it’s like in school these days but in ours $1,700 was a whole lot of money so… well done, Gael.

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