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Saranap Village Development Gets Updated Plan

Walnut Creek, Saranap, Real Estate, Community group hears updated plan for the Saranap Village development.

A toned-down sign on an oak-centered roundabout will greet visitors to the new Saranap Village along with a completely remade streetscape, the would-be developer told a meeting of the Saranap Community Association Thursday night.

Hall Equities Group presented an updated version of the plan incorporating feedback gathered from a series of community input meeting held last May. The original version of the development called for three buildings accommodating parking and retail levels under around 325 multi-story residential units. The update shifts the footprints of the buildings and ground-level retail and scales back the housing density to a mix of about 145 rental and 90 “for sale” residential units arrayed in 3 to 5 levels.

The assembled crowed of Community Association members appeared largely supportive of the project. The group applauded the suggestion of toning down the original Saranap Village sign shown in an artist’s rendering straddling the project’s entrance and even reacted positively to Hall’s acknowledgement that the project will be out of context with the surrounding neighborhood.

“That is the issue,” said Hall, “We’ve got to change the context of that neighborhood to make this project work.”

Hall Equities conducted three community outreach meetings in May. Hall presented a list of concerns raised during those meetings that included: Parking, traffic, and architectural character, as well as density and height concerns. He said that the updated plan addresses most of the issues, specifically providing more parking than would normally be associated with such a project and making traffic conditions safer. He pointed out that Boulevard Way was originally build to accommodate as many as 50,000 vehicle trips per day as part a pre-Highway 24/Caldecott Tunnel plan. The street currently serves an estimated 4,300 vehicles per day, according to Hall, and the modifications would still allow for around sixty percent of the originally designed traffic flow.

Hall said his company plans to submit the proposal as a County General Plan Amendment sometime during the first half of September. The county would then begin the environmental impact report process, which may take 4 -5 months to complete.

Architectural concept drawings of the updated plan are not yet available, said Hall, but his company does plan to announce additional community meetings as the proposal moves forward.

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