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Fire District Woes To Get Public Airing

ConFire operations
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A consulting firm has been retained to take the public’s temperature relative to fire coverage within the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District. We predict they’ll get an earful.

County residents have been vocal in both their criticism and expressions of need for enhanced fire protection as station closures within the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District accelerate. Residents are about to get another chance to sound off at a series of public hearings later this month.

One of the three meetings takes place in The Numbers:

Town Hall Meeting

  • Tuesday, August 20th
  • 6:30pm
  • Lafayette Veteran’s Memorial Bldg., 3780 Mount Diablo Boulevard, Lafayette

Earlier this year the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, which serves as the Board of Directors for the Fire District, authorized a study to assess and make recommendations for continued fire service within the financially strapped district and the meeting is designed to gauge public sentiment.

Some residents have been sharply critical of the district’s spending practices and maintain officials need to address out of control pension costs and other district expenditures while others have voiced deep concern over what they see as significant gaps in fire coverage as stations are shuttered.

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