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Craigslist Con Works On Camino Pablo

Craigslist Scam

We hate to hear about these things and keep reporting them but it appears not enough people are reading News24-680. If they were, a Moraga man may have been able to hold onto his hard-earned money and his iPad.

We try to warn people here about scams in our midst, and we know Craigslist has posted warnings of its own about scams targeting users of that site, but a Camino Pablo resident failed to get the word in time to head off a painful sting by an online scammer. Moraga police were called on July 16 when the resident learned – too late – that he had been duped.

It’s an old con but in case you haven’t heard about it, and apparently there are still a lot of folks who haven’t, this one works this way: our neighbor had an iPad he wanted to sell on Craiglist. He posted an ad and was contacted by someone who said they were interested from someone out of state, and that they would be paying with a cashiers check. When the check came the amount was for considerably more than the asking price of the iPad but the “buyer” told the seller “no problem,” just send the iPad and wire the overage to the address given.

Of course the scammer got the iPad, plus some extra cash, and his cashier’s check was returned days later for insufficient funds. (They’re usually drawn on bogus accounts.) Not a lot the police can do as the scam is virtually untraceable but you may want to send this story to people in similar situations. It’s a hard lesson to learn the hard way.

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