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Moraga Actor Gallops With Fiat


Eagle-eyed viewers familiar with Campolindo High School’s theatrical productions may have blinked twice at Fiat’s jazzy new commercial, the one where the sexy little Italian sports car invades America and disposes with the adopted, stodgy old British way of life and replaces it with newly liberated serving wenches, espresso, and some serious La Dolce Vita. And, yep, that’s a former Cougar leading the charge.

David Pinkham confirms that son Bryce (Campo, Class of ’01) was indeed the “Paul Revere” character in the commercial, assuming an unshaven, colonial look and learning to ride for his role in Fiat’s mini-movie.

“I got a note from someone in Moraga who said “hey, have you seen that Fiat commercial?,'” David Pinkham wrote on the News24-680 Facebook wall. “‘The actor looks so much like Bryce it’s driving me crazy.'” So I thought I would help anyone who is being driven crazy know that, yep, it’s him.”

Thanks, David, always nice to see a local hit the big time. Congrats to Bryce. Did he get to keep the horse?

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