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Canadian Astronaut Rocks A Space Classic


The Original Ziggy Stardust gave his blessing to a 230-mile-high cover version of his spacey “Space Oddity” as performed by a slightly less glam but still visually interesting Chris Hadfield, a Canadian Sky Pilot who decided to exit the International Space Station with his own version of the classic.

All the stacked heels, bell-bottoms, makeup and $300 hairdos on the planet couldn’t hold a candle to Hadfield’s version of the David Bowie classic and the backdrops, well, they were out of this world.

Commander Hadfield has been aboard the orbital outpost since December of 2012. He handed control of the world’s fastest and highest recording studio over to commander Pavel Vinogradov Sunday. Apparently it’s easier to sing a song about space exploration when you’re actually exploring space.

Ziggy and the Spiders From Mars dig that.

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