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Bad Day In Boston; Three Dead, Many Hurt In Bombings


Two suspected bomb blasts near the finish line of the venerable Boston Marathon have killed at least two people and injured dozens more today. Friends and family members of local runners in Boston for the race are scrambling to make sure they are safe.

News24/680 reader/runners are using social media to connect with friends who traveled east for the 26-mile race after at least two explosive devices – described as “IED-like” in their power by combat veterans who were there – detonated near the race’s finish line shortly after 2 p.m. Eastern Time.

Boston police have confirmed that two people were killed by the blasts, which appeared to have originated in storefronts lining the race route. At least 100 other spectators and race participants were injured.

A third incident, described as a fire at the JFK University Library, has been dismissed as apparently unrelated, but a massive police and federal investigation is underway. Air traffic has been curtailed in the city and authorities are asking people not to congregate in large crowds.

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