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OPINION: Moragans Ask For Peace And Quiet


Regular readers will know that we treasure the last vestiges of “peace and quiet” in our “semi-rural” townships and have opined about how that blessed and natural calm appears to be giving way to intrusive activities getting under our skins and past our double-paned windows.

Our efforts to instill a sense of our desire for the peace which once reigned in this area have met with mixed results and some open hostility, but we believe we are not alone when it comes to asking for it. We cite a couple of recent cases as examples of the public tipping point over noise, and ask again if perhaps our civic leaders would consider an effective and enforceable ordinance to deal with violations.

One local man took matters into his own hands on Ascot, making his displeasure with a group of partying college kids known – with a megaphone.

Do we advise fighting noise with noise? No. But we understand the frustration that comes with a quiet night at home being subborned by people who, unconsciously or not, feel it is alright to make noise of all types and any hour, and for any length of time.

Now, before you let fly with your first “Old Geezer, get a life…,” remember that the American military uses loud and repetitive noise against insurgents and entrenched former dictators, believing that it adds stress and makes their target inclined to make rash decisions, or surrender outright.

We can attest to those reactions, as we have been frequently bombarded by folks who see nothing wrong with cranking up the D9 Caterpillar tractor outside our window at 5 a.m. or, as was the case a few nights ago, holding batting practice at 10 p.m. Bothersome? Like water torture, only instead of the steady drip…drip…DRIP it was an hour of ping…ping…PING, aluminum bat on ball. Now we know why Noriega gave up.

Moraga police were unable to locate the nocturnal batter – who must have been using night vision goggles while honing his or her batting skills – and they did pinpoint and quiet the party which set off Megaphone Man, but we’re hoping that city leaders will look at putting some teeth into a noise abatement ordinance at some point in the future, much as they did after the influx of door-to-door solicitors who flooded the area.

Nothing personal, just business. We hope your batter’s swing is perfected and you’re able to get your personal party on without causing your neighbor to reach for the megaphone again. Or is that just asking too much?

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