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Comments Of The Week


No one appreciates a well turned thought or response more than we do – especially if one of our readers has spent obvious time and brainpower coming up with something witty and fun. Here’s where we take a moment to highlight nuggets found in our comment stream.

Here, then, are some of this week’s best witticisms, criticisms from the best writers in The 24/680 – you.

On our story about the Dow Jones and its seemingly unstoppable climb upward, several readers responded with their thoughts about how to weather the financial future:

I’ll continue to keep my money in my bra. It seems the safest place because at my age nobody is looking at my chest anymore and I need all the lift and support I can get.” – Jane Whitacre (Jane earned herself several new fans with that one, by the way).

And to our “Bubble or Boom?” question on the same story, we heard from David McKinnis:

Boom! Like an exploding cigar. Put a big red bulbous nose on Jim Cramer and bring out the dancing bears!

On a little thing we called the News24/680 “Hall of Shame,” we received a number of nominations and some commentary on those we featured, especially one Starbucks-sucking blondie who had no problem telling a news crew why she robbed at 9-year-old girl scout, and how she should have been allowed to keep the money:

That Girl Scout cookie thief is hot and heartless at the same time. Reminds me of my last girlfriend.” – Daniel Archuleta (Sounds like we’re going to have to start running a Lonely Hearts column for Daniel).

We also got a number of nominations and response to a short story we did on whether your neighborhood enjoys the antics of a committed neighborhood speeder. From what we heard – many of you do.

Haha, JD. I think I know who you mean. Either that, OR everyone who drives a grey Carrera speeds. I will say that super sweet Ferrari was very courteous and gave me right-of-way last night while I was running.” – Amanda

We kiddingly referred ownership of the Ferrari to another reader we know loves his cars and got this:

Owning a Ferrari is definitely on the bucket list, but I gotta say that douche baggery false-positive risk (look at me! LOOK AT ME!!!) is kinda high, even in the Bay Area. Plus, despite huge improvements recently, they are not nearly as bullet proof under sustained abuse as their more humble teutonic cousins.” – Chris Nicholson

So there you have it, we’ll stick with our Rambling Wreck from MoTown, wish you all happy and responsible motoring in your favorite wheels of choice and say a big “Thanks!” for making the week an entertaining one. Good comments. Keep them coming.

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