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Monday, Oh Monday – A Musical Start To Our Week


Good Morning, News24/680 Campers, it’s Monday Monday. We thought we’d let Cass, John, Denny, and Michelle kick off the week for us since they have the lock on “Monday” songs – aside from the “I Hate Them” one. Man, that Mama could move.

We’re told our readership demographic ranges from 42 to 55-years, but we know we have some younger readers swinging through from day to day. Unless they’re into retro rock we may have just missed in a big way with this musical number from way back when dinosaurs and paisley bell-bottoms walked the earth, but we couldn’t let the opportunity to hear one of our favorite songs from one of our favorite groups pass.

Any of the Millennials out there who may see this are free to comment. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the musical taste – and dance moves – of the era.

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