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Comment Of The Week


No one appreciates a well turned thought or response more than we do – especially if one of our readers has spent obvious time and brainpower coming up with something witty and fun. Here’s where we take a moment to highlight nuggets found in our comment stream.

We usually take time to spotlight a number of the quippy pithicisms (it’s not a word, don’t bother looking it up – we liked the sound of it) we get here in the course of a week, spreading them out over a fairly lengthy piece for you all to digest and enjoy. But this week we were blessed with one little pearl that came out of its shell and fell on our plate, courtesy of an Orindan who likes to keep her sentences sparse and leave little margin for error as to her meaning.

We like that approach and take time to honor “Amanda” for this jewel, appended to our story on the arrival of a new restaurant offering early Californian fare and a prickly libation that leaves our sombrero spinning. In mentioning the lengthy list of attractions likely to draw customers to Rancho Cantina in Lafayette, she wrote simply:

“They had me at tequila…”

And that, sports fans, is how its done. Keep ’em coming, we read every one.

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