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Comments Of The Week

Comments of the Week

No one appreciates a well turned thought or response more than we do – especially if one of our readers has spent obvious time and brainpower coming up with something witty and fun. Here’s where we take a moment to highlight nuggets found in our comment stream.

Readers were interested in a story we did on the cosmic light show in Russia and our own backyards which motorists witnessing the display by surprise.

“Thanks for using “meteorite” and not “meteor.” It’s been driving me nuts.” – Amanda

“Didn’t even faze the guy. He just kept driving. I would have converted to a god fearing religion on the spot.” – Aaron


On Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s CEO-poaching trip through California, quite a few of you wrote in with your thoughts on Perry’s March to the Pacific.

“It’s (Texas) a wretched place. But this is America and people should be free to move where ever their heart takes them. I wish them well.” – Jane Whitacre

“Traitors. If anyone goes I say we revoke their ACLU and Audobon Society memberships, make them take off their birkies at the border and stop any embargo any future Chardonnay shipments to Texas.” – Sarah Tyler

“Unless you own hydrocarbons, I think the bloom is off the yellow rose of Texas. Per the Texas State Historical Association: “Each decade since then (1822) has been marked by at least one period of severe drought. Associated with dry times are grasshopper plagues, brush and grass fires, sand and dust storms, crop failures and depression, livestock deaths, disease resulting from insufficient and impure drinking water, and migrations of citizens from parched territory.” Since the current drought is the worst that old timers can remember, I would definitely take a wait and see approach to moving there.” – Dave

“I wouldn’t last long down there. The ladies dress to go jogging for petes sake. It’s just different but I’m sure the people are nice. Good music? But California could make it easier for people to do business here I agree with that.” – Elizabeth Olsen


On our story about America’s apparent fascination with the Zombiepocalypse, we heard:

“We still eagerly watch Walking Dead, but I personally think the show is fading. The show has, however, convinced me to prepare for the worst. I suggest stocking up on these— just in case.” (link to a Zombie-specific brand of ammunition) – Chris Nicholson

“Someone hacked into a tv station and broadcast a report that zombies were rising up out of their graves, not to approach them ettc etc. Apparently four people called in to ask if it was really happening. That should tell you something.” – Carol Mann

And then this, from an obviously fit reader:

“Easily outrun…” – Bob Hale


And, lastly for this week at least, we cite the flurry of responses to our story on a shouting match between a homeowner opposed to the use of a leaf blower and a local gardener:

“Can someone let me know why there is a constant screech of leaf blow in FEBRUARY? Last time I checked, the trees have long since finished shedding their leaves. Certainly any reasonable person would think that fewer or no leaves on the ground should equal less or NO use of a leafblower during the winter months.” – Amanda

“Our guys seems to spend less time blowing during winter, but they do use it to clear off hard surfaces around the house. It just spruces things up (and faster than a broom). The guy in the story should perhaps invest in triple-pane windows. On cold winter days with normal double pane windows closed up tight, I can only hear the leaf blower when it is right next to the house (10 feet away). In summer, with windows open, you can hear them a few houses away.” – Chris Nicholson

“Chris, it is time to get tested for presbycusis! Debris blowers emit enough noise to be heard – through our custom triple-pane windows – from as far away as 500 feet.” – Peter Kendall

“For a minute there I thought my lifelong dream had been realized and the police were actually giving tickets to the habitual noise offenders who call themselves gardeners. Then I put on my glasses and saw that they are Santa Monica police. Dam it!” – Sue Haas

“The city of Lafayette does have a noise ordinance and accepted and investigated my complaints. In my case the code officer contacted the gardening company and that alone resulted in some changes. MY polite request to my neighbors and the gardener was ignored! I asked the 2 crews (same company) to blow one yard at a time as the cumulative effect of 2 gas blowers actually hurt my ears if I stepped outside. Pretend you want to hire the offensive garderens to get their card and call code enforcement with the tel #.” – Suzanne Sommer


That’s it for this week. Remember, if you see a comment on one of our stories you can give it a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down.”

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