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Bright Light, No City – Meteorite Strikes Fascinate


Anyone else absolutely riveted by the Russian dashboard cam footage of a meteorite strike in the Urals? Beautiful – and potentially lethal – all at once.

With more of us on our planet than ever and most everyone equipped with professional-grade video gear there is little wonder, I supposed, that so many gripping images of Thursday’s spectacular light show over the Urals would be captured. Footage of a Russian worker, bopping along in the Lada Granta with his techno music up high as a golden blob of light appears in the crisp blue and appears to be coming straight for him is a mindblower, at least for me.

I droned on about one such streaky occurrence in our own skies early one morning not long ago and was gently ridiculed but this, with the object suddenly materializing in broad daylight, growing, and leaving an incredible trail across the sky before impacting with earth and touching off panic, car alarms, and some Latvian “see the crater”-scams, fascinates me.

That shifting light, that incoming blob, the sense that a grazing dinosaur may have lifted its head out of the muck all those millions of years ago at the very same change in light and a nano-second before the lights went out and darkness descended is captivating. At least to me. Not everyone feels the same, of course, and we received a few emails from readers this morning saying the heavenly display wasn’t such a big deal.

“Got to get to the gym,” one regular wrote. “Will worry about meteors after the workout.”

That dinosaur, of course, and all other life on Terra Firma at the time, might have thought differently if only they had known what was coming.

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