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VIDEO: Planning Commission Hears Magee Ranch Development EIR


The cows might be the ones who lose their fields, but it was the camel’s back that was in danger of breaking according to Danville residents speaking before the Planning Commission, Tuesday night.

The Commission heard public comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report addressing the proposed rezoning and development of 70 homes on the Magee Ranch site at the corner of Diablo and McCauley roads. No action was taken, but comments and questions given as part of the public hearing will receive written response at the next step of the EIR process.

Comments and questions raised by residents centered mostly on the hydrology of the flood-prone east fork of the Green Valley Creek, the impact of the proposed project on the California red-legged frog, traffic safety and emergency services access, and the rezoning of land currently designated for agricultural use. Several speakers pointed out that while the project on its own may not seem large, its impacts add to those of developments already completed to create cumulative impacts not properly considered by the Draft EIR.

While not part of the 2030 General Plan update process, the proposed Magee Ranch project is entangled in many of the same land uses issues. Some of the more contentious portions of new General Plan change the zoning designation of land currently designated as agricultural, just as the Magee Ranch proposal does. Residents have been vocal in their assertions that Measure S, passed in 2000, requires voter approval of such changes.

The project will return to the Planning Commission after Town Staff have prepared written responses to the questions and concerns raised at the public hearing. The Planning Commission will revisit the 2030 General Plan Update at its meeting on Tues., Feb. 12.

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