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Iron Horse Corridor Pipeline Triggers Letter From Resident


The high-pressure jet fuel line running under the Iron Horse Corridor inspired one Alamo resident to write with his concerns about safety, and whose job it is make sure neighbors remain protected.


I was enjoying an e-exchange among the Alamo region neighborhoods that contain the Iron Horse Trail this morning. The greater Camille, Hemme, Las Trampas, BusinessCenter, West Livorna and North Iron Horse neighborhoods representatives are preparing for a group meeting with title and neighborhoods counsels to understand their rights in dealing with the county on the errors, additions and omissions in county Iron Horse Trail boundaries that are challenging existing title boundaries of neighboring properties. Quite clearly, counsels are confirming that the county does work for us and we do not work for them. They are our employees with no exceptional authority to override our rights.

What is specific in the commentary is need of property owners within 600 feet of the Kinder Morgan product pipeline to inform their title companies that new designations as easements, safety zones and other considerations are being applied, as additions, after the fact of title and the insured specifications of such title must be defended. Quite clearly, that is why we have title insurance applied at time of purchase of our properties. The history of those titles have origin before the Southern Pacific Pipeline was put in place and exist in specific reference to the SPRR right of way document now the property of Union Pacific.

It is now clear that the primary issue of the county’s actions with Iron Horse Trail neighbors is based on their knowledge that the K-M product pipeline is a growing hazard to our properties confirmed by K-M’s application of a safety corridor of 600 feet in each direction away from the pipeline. Neighborhoods have had multiple opinions from pipeline engineers, K-M HQ, federal pipeline safety, and state fire safety personnel that illustrate the real dangers of an aged, fragile pipeline, >50 years old, operating at >1000 psi in direct proximity to our neighborhoods. One could imagine a blast such as the Walnut Creek event in proximity to AlamoPlaza and the reality of significant death and destruction that could occur. One can further worry that each of our neighborhoods along the trail has only one access in and out that could be blocked by a disastrous event such as a rupture of the pipeline in a major earthquake.

…our Alamo region neighborhoods now know that the entire region is not safe from the disaster that could be a pipeline rupture anywhere along the trail. Even with automatic shutdown of pumping when a rupture occurs, the fuel in the pipeline can feed a fire of monumental size and disastrous results. That reality has neighborhoods counsels focused on the safety of the pipeline and its potential end-of-life while title counsels deal with the errors, additions, and omissions of the county Iron Horse Trail right-of-way claims.

It is now a very important story,

Harald Paul Arthur Balle

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