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County Officials Meet With Iron Horse Trail Neighbors Tuesday


County Public Works officials are worried about the impact an inadvertent spade hit or homeowner construction project might have on underground utilities buried along the Iron Horse Corridor – and they want to talk with residents tonight to make sure nothing bad happens.

Neighbors have been invited to a meeting tonight, 6 p.m., at the Alamo Chamber of Commerce office in Alamo Plaza, to find out just exactly what is buried under the peaceful, 19-mile long corridor. Over the years backyard gardens, fences, drainage, access bridges and other structures have been built over potentially dangerous utility lines – everything from fiber-optic strands to a high-pressure petroleum pipeline belonging to Kinder Morgan. Neighbors who unwittingly build over or strike one of the underground lines could damage the utility or even touch off a life-threatening event, according to the county – which calls tonight’s meeting “informational,” though the county has indicated it will take enforcement action, if needed.

County and utility company representatives will be on hand at tonight’s meeting to discuss options. Neighbors interested in knowing what exactly is buried behind their property contact Iron Horse Corridor manager Carrie Ricci at 925-313-2235 or at cricc@pw.cccounty.us.

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