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Letter: Peace On Earth… Please


Events in Newtown, CT appear to have been on the mind of an Alamo reader who writes with a very specific Christmas wish list.


In this season of peace and goodwill, we look forward as our world turns us back toward Spring (Yule Tide) in a new year. We, as parents, neighborhoods and communities must take responsibility for our control of guns, limiting our childrenโ€™s access to violent video games, movies and more, and recognizing our immediate need to take corrective actions when we sense our children need professional help and the love and kindness of our community. It starts with the parents and their support comes from neighbors in community. But more specific focus must now be our goals:

  • We must restrict assault weapons and the large capacity clips for ammunition only meant to kill people. Our tolerance of exporting our countryโ€™s violence around the world should not be met with our tolerance of weapons that do not belong in our homes, on our streets, in our community and certainly not in our schools. It is time WE, the people, demand that our representatives restrict military assault weapons and large capacity clips from ownership within our nation, state, county and communities.
  • We must limit our childrenโ€™s access to violent video games, movies and TV shows, and even consider how graphic our news reporting is when viewed by our children. We have become tolerant of our violent nation and numb to daily reports of deaths by criminal violence or military actions. Our children learn from what we view and our reactions to the violent actions in entertainment, news and commentary.
  • We must focus on inclusion of all in our community, especially among our children, by ending bullying and exclusion in our school cultures and social media that overlays much of our childrenโ€™s culture. No child should be left behind educationally, emotionally or culturally. It takes a community and its neighborhoods, with leading participation by parents, to see when our children need our help, support and love. Those we lose to hopelessness simply become the suicidal reality we see too often repeated across our nation.
  • We must examine our mental health services provided to our communities and insure that they are fully available to parents and their children, their schools and universities. We cannot overlook the impact of our world on our children and fail to provide help when children are overwhelmed by our culture, entertainment, and global failings in humanity.


Joyous wishes at Yule Tide,

Harald Paul Arthur Balle

Alamo CA 94507

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