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VIDEO: Danville’s Planning Commission Gets An Earful

News24-680.com, Danville News, Town Council approves 2030 General Plan.

The quiet town of Danville was anything but quiet during tonight’s meeting of the Planning Commission where both signs and voices were raised in objection to a proposed draft of the town’s 2030 General Plan.

Residents braved a chilly winter night to deliver their message to the commissioners and staff.  A key issue with many in attendance was the influence of regional and state entities, such as the Association of Bay Area Governments or ABAG, over local land use issues. On that point Commissioners and town staff agreed with residents.

One of the issues at stake in the debate over the draft plan is how and perhaps whether the town will build homes on land designated for agricultural use.  Residents had clear concerns that the draft plan would change the allowable uses of land protected by the voter approved open space preservation initiative, Measure S.

The Planning Commission will hold another public hearing on the draft 2030 General Plan on Jan 8 where some of the concerns raised during tonight’s hearing will be addressed. After the public hearing process the plan must be approved by the Planning Commission before it is considered for adoption by the Danville Town Council.

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