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Letters: Covering The 680 Corridor


Our first “Letter to the Editor” comes to us from Alamo, with a specific request on how we are to conduct ourselves while covering the  24/680:

Dear Editor,

The role of local news in our 24/680 corridor, as Orinda to Dougherty Valley, is information fairly researched and presented for consideration by readers. The relationship with such news sources is specifically communication among editors, reporters and readers. Too often on-line local news media sites have brought reprints of various government releases and opinions of would-be community leaders without in-depth review and fact-checking to fairly inform their readership. More often the same sites rely on commentary from local and foreign pseudonyms to bring very exclusive positions and reviews of events without news coverage by editors and staff. We clearly have governments too autonomous to the will and interests of the people they are sworn to serve and editors too willing to promote those governments with their servitude.

News24-680.com is a welcome commitment to a journalistic relationship with our corridor’s readership too often disserved by poorly reported events and stories and abundance of sponsored commentary that is little more than defamation and disrespect. We can assume that all on-line local news media has the best intentions to report the news and fairly editorialize on the issues that impact our corridor. At issue is such efforts degrade over time to represent the personal politics and opinions of publishers, editors and their sponsored commentators on various on-line forums.

There is a result to all the history of local on-line news in our corridor during this century. Overall, there are fewer readers in our corridor for all local on-line news than were engaged by The Danville Weekly some seven years ago. It should be the role of news24-680 editors to provoke new standards of in-depth journalism by all local on-line local news sites. It should be the role of readership to communicate directly with all editors when such fair, balanced and in-depth journalism is not provided.

Welcome to the interests of 24/680 neighborhoods,


Harald Paul Arthur Balle

Alamo CA 94507

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