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24/680’s “Quid Pro Cookie” Program – Try It


“Something for something,” the ancients were fond of saying. And we’re believers. “Like” us and we’ll express our Cookie Love for you.

We crave your affection almost as much as we crave the occasional still-warm platter of locally produced and blue-ribbon-winning cookies. We’re talking best cookies in the state, and rightfully so in our humble opinion.

So here’s the deal: Go to our Facebook page (a very active place these days) and give News24/680 a cyber “thumbs up” and as soon as we get to 100 “Likers” we’ll pick one at random and present them with a platter of cookies.

No strings attached. You help our self esteem and Facebook ranking and we help out your taste buds and a fantastic local baker. Quid pro Cookie. Try it, you’ll like it.

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